Find the right job for success in Canada!

CASIP member agencies provide skilled immigrants with:

  • Free job placement services
  • Access to jobs across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
  • Skills and support to help you find a job in your field of expertise
  • Bridging programs, language training and mentorship opportunities
  • Workshops on integrating into the Canadian workplace

Programs & Services

CASIP member organizations offer a range of services to skilled immigrant job seekers in the GTA.  We provide personalized advice and services to help people assess their skills and experience, find work and start on the path to skills training.  Job Seekers learn about local labour market trends and develop effective job search strategies.

Access the full list of programs and services offered by CASIP’s member organizations:
Programs & Services for Skilled Immigrants

Bridge Training Programs

There are also sector-specific bridging programs in a variety of fields.  Bridge training programs help qualified internationally trained individuals move quickly into the labour market in Ontario. They assess existing skills and competencies, compared to Ontario employer expectations. They provide training and Canadian workplace experience without duplicating what skilled immigrants have already learned.

Access the full list of sector-specific bridging programs offered by CASIP’s member organizations:
Bridging Programs for Skilled Immigrants


CASIP members are located across the Greater Toronto Area.  For the location closest to you click here for our map.

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